Sarang Samant

Director, Engineering

EN Eng PI IOS/XE Polaris - US

Sarang leads the platform enablement infrastructure team for Cisco’s entire Enterprise Networking portfolio that includes switching, routing, wireless, and IoT products. His portfolio includes technologies like Cisco Platform Abstraction (CPA), chassis and interface management along with serviceability infrastructure and test framework. Sarang has over 25 years of experience in the networking industry, having worked on a variety of products across routing, switching, wireless, and networking infrastructure. He is customer focused and his passion is to build highly productive teams along with having fun. He enjoys mentoring and is always looking to engage and guide new college hires and interns.


November 10, 2022


Cisco Champions the Powerful, Evolving Networking Software Stack

3 min read

With billions of devices in public and private networks, software is becoming independent of and abstracted from hardware. Increasingly, more cloud native concepts are being added to Cisco IOS XE.