Simon Chatterjee

Distinguished Engineer

Service Provider Network Systems

Simon is a Distinguished Engineer in Cisco’s Service Provider Network Systems group. (Service Providers, who include the biggest tech companies, run the largest and most demanding networks in the world, and collectively make up most of the Internet.)

Over the last twenty years, Simon has been a software architect (and sometimes system co-architect) for many of Cisco’s flagship SP routers, that are among the most widely deployed in the industry. These very-high-end products are complex distributed software systems, with stringent requirements for reliability, capability, and performance.

As part of Cisco’s Ensoft team in the UK, he encourages a mix of innovation, pragmatism, theory, and professional craft, to deliver quality products that stand the test of time and delight customers. He is particularly proud when exceptional results come from teams that operate consistently with vibrancy, inclusivity, and high integrity.

Simon engages regularly with the university research community and its students. He has a Masters in Mathematics and Philosophy from Oxford. He is also a jazz trumpet player and conductor.


September 23, 2019


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