Shiva Prasad Maheshuni

Principal Engineer

Enterprise Networking

Shiva has been a Cisco engineer since 2001, working mostly on broadband technologies. He led the engineering efforts on subscriber management, mobility features in service provider Wi-Fi, and improving the overall scalability of Cisco enterprise products. Shiva works with Cisco customers to understand their unique requirements and deliver appropriate solutions. His work spans Cisco IOS, IOS XE and IOS XR-based platforms. In the Networking Experiences networking organization, he led efforts to transform session and policy management software to the new IOS XE infrastructure that is adopted to wireless and switching platforms, both wired and wireless. More recently, he worked on IOS XE infrastructure components, including configuration management and improving the performance of IOS XE-based applications.


April 14, 2022


New Software Architecture Enables Session-Aware Networking to Massively Scale Authentication and Access Policy Control

2 min read

The SANet re-architecture has evolved from being a single core Cisco IOS XE application to a horizontally scalable application adapting to Cisco’s database-centric programming model.