Rohit Jain

Principal Engineer

Provider Mobility Engineering

As a Cisco Principal Engineer, Rohit helps telecom operators around the world stay on the cutting edge of technology to solve real-world business problems, including enabling 5G in a large telco network and helping to bring the world’s first 4G/ 5G converged core gateway to the market. An industry veteran with 15 years in telecom engineering leadership roles, Rohit’s approach is a little different, he works as an extension of customer teams to understand key network imperatives and drive impactful network technology solutions. At Cisco, Rohit is responsible for the design and architecture of 5G network functions and as-a-service offerings including private and public 5G and IoT-as-a-service. Over his 10 years at Cisco, Rohit has held several positions in development, network operations, and sales engineering. This background and experience give Rohit a unique view of end-to-end network architecture; its complexities; and the challenges customers face during the deployment of new functionalities in their network. Before joining Cisco, Rohit held senior engineering roles at Wipro and Infosys.


February 14, 2023


How Cisco Deployed the World’s Largest Converged Core Gateway

3 min read

Cisco's Converged Core gateway is a powerful and innovative solution that enables service providers to optimize their networking infrastructure as they adopt new technologies and gives customers a distinct edge in a highly competitive industry.