Rama Gambheer

Senior Technical and Business Operations Manager


Ramachandra Gambheer is Senior Technical and Business Operations Manager at Cisco Systems Inc. He has 31 years of overall experience in the field of hardware systems design, IoT, high volume hardware test automation and has published several papers in national and international journals. His research areas are IoT, Design for Testability, Design for Manufacturability and Design for Sustainability in the network infrastructure hardware. He has designed several FPGA based embedded systems for various industries including machine vision. VLSI'99 International award stands on his name for the FPGA based design done for spacecraft application. He is an alumni and also former faculty member of NITK (KREC), Surathkal, India. He is co-author of the text book “Design of Secure IoT Systems: A Practical Approach Across Industries” published by McGraw Hill.


February 28, 2022


Achieve a Secure, Sustainable Network with Cisco 8000

4 min read

In the age of IoT, security is critical to a sustainable future. Learn how we’re building secure, longer-lasting products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve your bottom line.