Pratap Pereira

Cisco Fellow

Software Engineering

Pratap Pereira is a Cisco Fellow and Chief Architect of IOS XE. He is responsible for the software engineering direction of the Enterprise Networking portfolio of products. Pratap has unique expertise in scaling software development for large development groups with domain-specific languages, compilers, distributed databases, and managed runtimes to produce extraordinary user experiences.


April 6, 2021


Cisco IOS XE – Past, Present, and Future

4 min read

Cisco IOS was developed in the 1980s for the company’s first routers that had only 256 KB of memory and low CPU processing power. But what a difference a few decades make. Today Cisco IOS XE runs our entire enterprise networking portfolio. That's 80+ different Cisco platforms for access, distribution, core, wireless, and WAN. There are, with a myriad of combinations of hardware and software and physical and virtual form factors.