Pavel Bucek

Engineering Architect, FSO Platform

Cisco AppDynamics

Pavel is an Engineering Architect working mainly on FSO Platform as part of Cisco AppDynamics group at Cisco. As an architect, he doesn’t really have single focus of responsibility, but you can find him vocal in areas relates to platform monitoring, limits, licensing, metering and lately he also likes to review and shape any kind of APIs, from REST to FSO specific Flexible Metadata Model schemas. Pavels path to Cisco wasn’t completely straightforward. It most likely began when he was implementing NetFlow data reader and evaluator as part of his diploma thesis, while acting as an assistant at the Czech technical university. He had always a soft spot for computer networking, it’s design and management, but he also had a great opportunity to join Sun Microsystems as a developer on Java EE implementations. The programming part of his career was everything else than boring. Pavel contributed directly to JDK as JAXB (Java API for XML Binding) implementor, but that was only a beginning. JAX-RS (Java API for RESTful Services) whas the next stop, following by leading implementation of Java API for WebSocket and ending by acting as a specifican lead of JAX-RS. When Java EE future started to be a bit uncler, previously unheard branch of Cisco was considering to open an engineering office in Prague and Pavel took the challened to be one of the founding members of that branch – that’s why Cisco AppDynamics started in Prague. Since then, Pavel focuses on improving AppDynamics product and designing best features and experiences for AppDynamics and Cisco users.


October 25, 2023


Reporting Custom Metrics to FSO Platform Using the OpenTelemetry SDK

4 min read

With Cisco FSO Platform, metrics can be reported directly from the code. This blog gives you hands-on guidance on how to set this up.