Nic Conroy

Technical Consulting Engineer


Nic Conroy is the Team Leader for High Touch Technical Support (HTTS) Security Team. I am first and Foremost a father to three amazing children, a husband, and a Unites States Marine. My HTTS-TAC team supports AAA, Next Generation Firewall, and VPN technologies for Cisco’s High Touch Support Contracts. My personal specialties are Cisco ISE and Cisco AnyConnect technologies though I am constantly evolving in order to be the best engineer I can possibly become for our customers at Cisco. I have been “classically trained” in leadership by the United States Marine Corps. I hold quite a few certifications to include, A+, Network +, Security+, CCNA, the new Cisco Certified Specialist (Security) Core, and will be taking my CCIE LAB in security shortly. I am in constant pursuit of learning as well as giving back to the community. I try to utilize my platform at Cisco to mentor our Veteran community as Network Engineering and Security are great areas of employment for Veterans. I am always open to mentorship and mentee opportunities as well as volunteer opportunities within the Veteran Community.


July 23, 2020


A Veteran’s Career Growth at Cisco

4 min read

Nic shares how in order to progress his career, he moved from Colorado to North Carolina to join our security engineering team. Six months later, his family joined him and these are the 3 ways Cisco continues to impress him.