Navindra Yadav

Cisco Fellow

Tetration Engineering

Navindra Yadav is the Founder of Tetration Analytics and a Cisco Fellow. He has built the analytics platform and team from a concept into reality.

Prior to Tetration, Navindra worked as a Distinguished Engineer at Insieme, Cisco and Google. He has been working in the field of networking, cyber security, massively scaled data centers, and wireless communications for many years, and has developed multiple seminal technologies.

He has over 70 issued US patents and a bigger number of pending patent applications. He spearheaded Cyber Security, Software Defined Networking, programmable ASICs, programmable languages for ASICs at Google in collaboration with researchers from Stanford.

He conceived and built a massively scaled security analytics system. Navindra, built the Catalyst 2k, 3k line of switches from Cisco rising from a software engineer to the chief architect of this multibillion-dollar product line.

In his career, he has also worked in the fields of Cyber Security, Network Performance, Routing protocols, ASIC architectures, Smart Grids/Electrical Transmission Systems, Satellite communications (at Lockheed Martin), C language Compilers for Digital Signal Processors (at Lucent/Bell Labs), Computer Telephony Interfaces with PABXs (at Siemens).

Navindra is working on making "secure self-driving" data centers a reality. Tetration Analytics is a building block towards that bigger goal.

Navindra holds an Advanced Master’s Certificate in Computer Science and Telecommunication from Johns Hopkins University, a MS in Computer Science from Lehigh University, Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from National Institute of Technology India.


March 5, 2018


The Goldilocks Zone: Cloud Workload Protection, an Introduction

2 min read

Like life, effective workload protection exists only in the "Goldilocks Zone." Cisco Tetration is the right mix of visibility, vulnerability detection, and full lifecycle management of micro segmentation policy to create a robust security solution - from the compute and network infrastructure edge to deep inside the workload.