Marcio Costa

Senior Solutions Engineer

Collaboration and Contact Center

Marcio Costa is a Collaboration and Contact Center Solutions Engineer working with large Enterprises and Public Sector organizations to create state-of-the-art customer and employee experiences. With 17+ years of experience in Telecom and ICT industries, he is a subject matter expert in collaboration, hybrid work, and Customer Experience Solutions (UCaaS, Video, CCaaS and CPaaS), leading complex digital transformation projects. His passion is to enable companies to connect customers, business processes, and technology seamlessly to drive innovation to achieve business outcomes using APIs, AI, and low-code orchestration platforms.


March 25, 2024


A Solution Engineer’s Journey into Programmability

5 min read

Solutions Engineer Marcio Costa created a Q&A bot in Webex by integrating it with ChatGPT using OpenAI APIs. Follow along as Marcio explains how he learned the basics of APIs, practiced with Cisco DevNet Learning Labs, and used Webex Connect to create workflows and automation using APIs to make the process much simpler and faster.