Michele Hermes

Customer Success Executive

Customer Experience (CX)

Michele is a proud Cisco CX Customer Success Executive covering the GREAT state of Texas in US Public Sector. Michele is a native Texan and lives in Austin with her husband, Kevin, and the last kiddo in the home who is currently in college so they are practically empty-nesters. Michele is crafty and loves wine and cooking/baking. She is also an Air Force veteran and had the privilege of assisting with the birth of hundreds of babies while working on the labor & delivery ward of the base hospital in beautiful Panama City Beach, Florida. So many people have shaped Michele's life and there are too many to name, but she loves her family, friends, and is so blessed to have the opportunity to work for a company like Cisco.


October 6, 2022


When I Needed It the Most, Cisco Was There

3 min read

Customer Success Executive Michele H. shares how Cisco became more than just an employer to her and her family, guiding and supporting them through their most challenging time.