Maik Seewald

Sr. Technical Leader, CISSP

Intent Based Networking Group (IBNG)

Maik Seewald has thirty years of engineering and security experience. He works as a Senior Technical Leader in Cisco’s Intent Based Networking Group. He focuses on the development of Industrial IoT architecture, security and standards for Cisco’s Intent-based Networking CTO team. Before Cisco, Maik was a senior research and development architect and CISSP for Siemens, specializing in systems, software, and security architectures in energy and industrial automation. Earlier, he held project management, architecture, and engineering positions at Infineon, Audi, Siemens COM, and AMD. Maik received a degree in Informational Techniques and a Qualified Engineer degree from Dresden University. His special fields of interest comprise cyber security, system and software architecture of Industrial IoT/M2M systems and distributed intelligence. Maik Seewald is Cisco’s representative for communication, security and automation in IEC TC 57, IEC TC 65, DKE, IEEE, OPC UA, and UCA. He participates actively in standard development with the focus on Deterministic Networking (in IEC, IEEE and OPC UA), IEC 61850, IEC 62351, and IEC 62443/ISA99 with strong domain expertise in power grid and industrial automation, smart grid architecture, and cyber security for industrial control systems. He is a frequent public speaker and technical writer with a focus on cyber security and Industrial IoT. Maik spends as much time as he can with his family, likes literature, pictorial arts, and the great outdoors, Alaska particularly.


May 24, 2021


Communication Networks and Systems for Power Utility Automation

4 min read

Learn why energy utilities and Transmission System Operators are requiring networking equipment that is designed in compliance with the IEC61850 standard.