Manasa Srirameneni

Software Engineer

Manasa Srirameneni is a Technical Marketing Engineer at Cisco. She has been working with HyperFlex team for a while on building DB solutions on HyperFlex. Manasa is based out of the San Jose area where she has worked for many technology companies such as SoftNAS, Maplelabs and Cohesity to name a few. Within the tech-marketing capacity on many different roles, she has author and published whitepapers for hyper-converged solutions, DB solutions on HyperFlex and Implementing File services on HyperFlex. Her educational background includes a MS in Information technology Management (MSITM) from Campbellsville University in Kentucky and a MS in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M university in Texas. Outside of work, she enjoys hiking with friends and love spending time in playing badminton.


November 21, 2019


Modernizing to Oracle 19c with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

4 min read

Looking to modernize to Oracle 19c? See how deploying with hyperconverged infrastructure HCI provides the most benefits.