Lisa Hall

Project Manager/Cross-functional

Security Business Group

Lisa Hall is a cross-functional project manager who began working for Cisco in Calgary, Alberta with the AMP team 5 years ago. She has since taken an 18-month talent and development assignment with the Cognitive team in Prague, Czech Republic. Her cross-functional role has allowed her to get to know a variety of teams within SBG. She currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. With her previous experience working in the tourism industry, she loves having the ability to bring people together in the work place and cultivating an office culture and atmosphere that is both productive and fun. Her hobbies include photography, reading, yoga, and of course, travel!


November 10, 2020


How Cisco Virtually Fosters a Culture of Travel 

3 min read

Lisa shares her experience working in our Czech offices and experiencing the global culture of Cisco - that helps her to virtually 'travel' now.