Kyle Mestery


Office of the Cloud CTO

"Kyle currently works in the Office of the Cloud CTO and is focused on all aspects of OpenStack. He spends time evaluating and understanding cloud computing strategies and how they will change the way people consume computing infrastructure. He co-founded the internal Cisco Open Source Conference (OSCON), and founded the Minnesota OpenStack Meetup. He is co-chair of the Community Track at the Spring 2013 OpenStack Summit. Kyle is an active participant in many cloud and infrastructure open source communities including Open vSwitch, libvirt, OpenStack, and Ryu."


February 26, 2013


LISP goes upstream into Open vSwitch

After a few months of work, I’m happy to announce Cisco has contributed the LISP protocol upstream into the Open vSwitch project. LISP is an open protocol developed by the IETF LISP Working Group. By getting LISP upstream into Open vSwitch, Cisco is continuing it’s tradition of enabling Open Standards by contributing to Open Source projects. […]

December 12, 2012


Upcoming oVirt Workshop

1 min read

The oVirt Project continues it’s momentum in the coming year with a new workshop being hosted in Sunnyvale, CA, at the NetApp campus January 22-24. The workshop is a great chance to learn more about the oVirt project. There will be presentations on both using and operating oVirt, as well as design discussion sessions around […]