Kevin Baranowski

Director of Americas Assurance Sales

Accedian Sales

As an accomplished Global Leader with a wealth of leadership experience on the international stage, Kevin has a proven capability in guiding diverse teams within Product Management, Channel Operations, Sales, and Solutions Marketing. His tenure has equipped him with deep insights into the challenges faced by Providers, Enterprises, and Partners, fostering a transformative approach to enhancing the Partner/Customer experience. His strategic acumen is demonstrated by a history of initiating and advancing corporate initiatives globally, managing complex product accounting transitions, content, and support systems, and crafting potent sales enablement programs. These efforts have been pivotal in refining offer development processes, significantly bolstering revenue and profitability. At the forefront of Cisco’s Accedian North American Sales organization, he leverages this comprehensive background to catalyze growth and deliver substantive value. Fueling his leadership style is a fervent passion for simplifying the sales journey—prioritizing a laser focus on the fundamental business problems we strive to solve and ensuring that we are in lockstep with our customers in addressing these challenges. This commitment to customer alignment is integral to shaping market approach and driving success. Moreover, he is an ardent advocate for the art of storytelling, which is essential for grounding complex problems and solutions for clients. By crafting narratives, we forge deeper connections with the needs and goals of our partners and customers, rendering intricate technical details into engaging, accessible stories. This powerful combination of strategic focus streamlined processes, and resonant storytelling not only propels sales initiatives but also cultivates substantial enhancements in both revenue and the overall Partner/Customer journey.


May 20, 2024


Harnessing Network and Application Performance Insights for Effective Automation

3 min read

Automation is a significant driving force behind speed and an enhanced user experience. Ultimately, what matters to users is the experience they have with the systems and applications being used. By removing manual bottlenecks, systems can operate at their optimal capacity, delivering the desired outcomes efficiently.