Julian Byles

Financial Analyst – Leader in Finance and Technology

Finance LIFT program

I am a Financial Analyst currently in the Leaders in Finance and Technology (LIFT) Program and based in RTP, North Carolina. Since I'm early in career I look forward to experiencing all of the opportunities that Cisco has to offer as I continue to be a part of our transformative landscape. Originally from Germany, I now live in the Raleigh area after a short pit stop in San Antonio, Texas where I earned my B.S. in both Finance and German. As someone who is naturally inquisitive, I love the complex combination of fact and interpretation. As part of a rotational program and having already had exposure to various areas of Cisco Finance, I've discovered that I love enabling my team's success by contributing unique and transformative perspectives to any given situation.


May 28, 2020


Nailing the Interview from a Thousand Miles Away

3 min read

Last year, Julian began to look for opportunities in North Carolina from Texas before graduating. Here's how he learned to nail a Webex interview from miles away!