John Lewandowski

High Touch Operations Manager

Cisco Experience

John has his days occupied with his role as a High Touch Operations Manager. He likes the varying workload, the high op-tempo of the job, and the ability to work directly with our customers. While John enjoys being part of the organization that keeps everyone connected, he also likes to get disconnected and ventures outdoors. John keeps up an active lifestyle. He's always out hiking, biking, and sometimes camping. He's backpacked the Grand Canyon a couple of times and has another backpacking adventure coming up! John also enjoys wind-therapy by riding his Can-Am Spyder motorcycle. John retired from the U.S. Marine Corps after 21 years. John's wife was also a Marine and they have raised two wonderful boys. As part of the the Veteran community, John tries to help his fellow Veterans. John is part of the Patriot Guard Riders and also looks for other options to work with Veterans.


August 24, 2020


From the Marines to Cisco 

3 min read

John, High Touch Operations Manager with Cisco's Customer Experience, shares his journey from the Marines to Cisco.