Joe Pagano

Practice Advisor, Sales

Financial Services Practice Advisor, Cisco Digital Transformation Group

Joe looks after Wealth Management and Investment Banking clients of Cisco Systems within the Financial Services Industry Digital Transformation Group and is considered by customers and peers a Finance industry expert.

The Digital Transformation Group at Cisco takes a business outcomes approach to delivering market leading digital capabilities that impact board-level imperatives and metrics.

Joe leads the risk and compliance Go-To-Market, a foundational capability for reducing operational risk in an increasingly interconnected world. In this role, Joe advises global banks and financial services firms on the power of digital disruption and the importance of cyber-security architecture as a growth enabler for the industry.

Joe is highly sought by research groups such as Roubini ThoughtLab and has been invited to board of directors’ meetings in the finance industry to consult on current trends, digital transformation readiness and cyber-threats. Joe has 9 citations in the new Wealth 2021 report (September 2016), sponsored by Roubini ThoughtLab, Cisco and 16 leading wealth firms and has 4 citations in patents for mission critical computing architecture. Joe was the lead author for the “Future of Wealth Management – Clients, Advisors, and Robots” point-of-view paper released by Cisco in October 2015.

In prior roles, Joe served as VP, Consulting Sales and M&A in the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Digital Software & Solutions Group, delivered Big Data solutions to Wall Street while at Informatica and worked at Microsoft for more than 17 years where he was Managing Director, Worldwide Banking & Capital Markets. More than half of Joe’s career has been in the consulting services business and Joe was responsible for creating the sales group that served the big4 consulting firms at Microsoft and helping pioneer cloud technology in financial services.

Joe is a Board Advisor at the NJIT College of Computing Sciences and has more than 28 years of experience in IT and business leadership roles serving the Financial Services, Retail, CPG, Communications, Media & Entertainment, Life Sciences, Professional Services, and Shipping industries. Joe has been featured as an industry thought leader in forums such as Brett King’s Breaking Banks radio program in January of 2015 and has been a media spokesperson for Cisco Systems in Financial Services.

As Managing Director of Banking and Capital Markets at Microsoft Joe was featured on the cover of Finance on Windows in 2012. He oversaw the industry strategy, sales, marketing, solution development, partner development, thought leadership and executive relations, ensuring that the full extent of Microsoft’s vision and value proposition was realized by banking and capital markets institutions globally.

While at Microsoft Joe and his team developed an M&A services strategy for FS clients during the 2008 economic downturn and he and his team delivered the first ever Microsoft banking reference architecture known as MIRA-B, lining up broad industry support.

In the mid 00's Joe was responsible for the global channel services and support strategy and programs for the award winning Microsoft Partner Program where he led market development planning in Madrid, Reading UK, Bangalore, Shanghai, & Hangzhou with services made available to partners in more than 60 countries and 18 languages.


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