Jim Schrader

No longer with Cisco.


June 20, 2013


Steps to Optimizing Your Network- Change Management & Network Management Strategies

Having completed all of the previous strategy elements, you are ready to deploy.  Is that all there is to it? Not quite.  In this post, I’ll highlight strategies you can use for a smooth post-deployment. Change Management In one of my past experiences, deployment of our branch routers went off without a hitch and we […]

May 29, 2013


Steps to Optimizing Your Network- Software Strategy

Although I’m calling it the software strategy, it really targets the development of two specific standards: software image and configuration template.  Choosing the correct software will be a critical factor in the success of a deployment.  All the design and best practice efforts will amount to nothing if a critical defect is encountered in software. […]

May 15, 2013


Steps to Optimizing Your Network – Design & Hardware Strategy

In my last post, I discussed the importance of a strong network foundation.  Let's get a little deeper into this now. The strategies depicted in the diagram below have...

May 2, 2013


Steps To Optimize Your Network – An Introduction

One of my passions in life is sailing, both cruising and racing.  There is nothing quite like the wind in your hair and the sun on your face to paint a perfect day.  The difference between a great day on the water and miserable one comes down to preparation.  Basic maintenance of the vessel, proactively […]