Jerome Henry

Principal Engineer

Enterprise Networking CTO Group

Jerome Henry is a Principal Engineer in the Office of the Wireless CTO at Cisco systems. His main field of research is around optimization of clients performances in unlicensed wireless networks, which includes IoT, indoor location, QoS and privacy. Focusing on his wireless and networking experience, Jerome joined Cisco in 2012. Before that time, he was consulting and teaching heterogeneous networks and wireless integration with the European Airespace team, which was later acquired by Cisco to become their main wireless solution. Jerome is a certified wireless networking expert (CWNE No. 45), CCIE, has developed multiple courses and authored several wireless books and video courses. Jerome holds more than 200 patents, is a member of the IEEE, where he was elevated to Senior Member in 2013, and also represents Cisco in multiple with Wi-Fi Alliance working groups. He is based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.


August 11, 2022


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7 min read

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