Jérémie Garnier

Software Engineer

Service Provider

Jérémie has been working in Cisco’s Innovation Department for over ten years, focusing on Cloud software solutions including Solr/Lucene, Kafka, Zookeeper, Hadoop, as well as Android and HTML5.

While this role has afforded the opportunity to learn and stay on the cutting-edge of Innovation Technologies, Jérémie has also spent much of the last five years bringing people in the development community together by co-leading DevOps transformation within Cisco, organizing Unconferences and managing developer communities.

As part of his ongoing innovation work, Jérémie is involved in the Paris Innovation & Research Lab and the DevNet Hackathons in Europe .

Jérémie is currently working on the PNDA project which brings together a number of open source technologies to provide a simple, scalable, open platform for big data network analytics


Cisco Crosswork – Part 5: Data Platform

3 min read

Cisco® Crosswork Data Platform is a big data solution that enables Service Providers to effectively tackle increasing volume of operational data, diverse data sources, disparate datasets; and extract meaningful and timely insights to drive and automate operational decisions.