Jeff Apcar

Distinguished Engineer

CX Chief Technology Office

Jeff Apcar is a Distinguished Engineer in the Customer Experience Chief Technology Office. He has been with Cisco for 23 years and has over 35 years of experience in IP networking and data communications related fields. Over the years Jeff has worked with nearly every major service provider in the Asia Pacific region and further afield in Europe and the US, providing design guidance in the area of core networks, SP trend, Fog/Edge computing and IOT Edge. Today, Jeff provides design consulting & training, chalk talks and workshops in many areas of networking including MPLS, Traffic Engineering, Quality-of-Service, Multicast, Routing Protocols, Fast Convergence, IPv6, Carrier Ethernet, Internet of Things, Low Power Wide Area Networks, Self Learning/Machine Learning networks, Quantum Computing, 5G and Network Disaggregation. Jeff is a co-author of the Cisco Press publication MPLS and VPN Architectures Volume II. He has also contributed content and edited several Cisco Press publications including Internetworking Technologies handbook, MPLS Security, Service Provider QoS and Quantum Machine Learning. Jeff has a number of white papers published on the Cisco Technical Knowledge Library and Cisco Connection Online (CCO). investigates upcoming & disruptive technologies.


March 2, 2022


How Diverse Experience and Simplicity Drive Innovation

4 min read

Not all innovation needs to be complex. With 17 years experience as a Distinguished Engineer learn how I break down the innovation process into 5 straightforward steps.