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Felipe Lamus

PR Manager
Latin America

I am the Public Relations manager for Cisco in Latin America, in charge of the strategy and execution of the external communications strategy for Cisco in the region since November 2009.

Before I was in charge of the Business Public Relations Strategy and execution for Cisco in Emerging Markets, a Theater comprised of 130 countries in four regions (Russia and CIS, Central and Easter Europe, Middle East & Africa and Latin America) with similar inflection points in their economies. I was in charge of developing the communications and public relations strategy to position and make relevant Cisco in Emerging Markets for the main business press.

I joint Cisco in 2005 as a PR Manager for Latin America, in charge of content development and public sector communications. I rolled out the Cisco Broadband Barometer in the region, including 8 countries, which helped position Cisco with the public sector and increased the relevance of Cisco in Latin America.

From 2002 to 2005 I was US Director and senior consultant of Innovation, an International Media and Consulting Group, leading several media consulting projects in Latin America and USA.

I was former Director of Lamus & Asociados Comunicaciones, a Communications agency in Colombia, providing consultancy in communications and public affairs to businesses in Latin America (1992-2002).

I was former Director of the Círculo de Creativos of Colombia and Publisher of the magazine Publicidad & Mercadeo. I worked at the Bogotá, Colombia, daily newspaper El Tiempo.

I am author of “Protagonistas de la Publicidad en Colombia” and “La Publicidad”.

I am a journalist from Universidad de la Sabana in Colombia and I am doing now a master in Liberal Arts at Duke University.

I work from the Cisco campus in RTP, North Carolina.

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