Eric Voit

Principal Engineer

Intent Based Networking Group

Eric Voit is a Principal Engineer within the Enterprise CTO Group. Throughout his 30+ year career in the high-tech industry Eric has conceived and driven new technologies to market. These include YANG Telemetry, Cisco's original system architectures for Carrier Ethernet, remote access to MPLS, PPPoE for Broadband, and the first VoIP offering by a major U.S. carrier. Eric has 100+ US and International patents / patents pending, and five IETF RFCs. Eric also runs a patent review committee, and an internal venture capital / innovation fund.


March 18, 2021


Why Cisco Joined the Confidential Computing Consortium

3 min read

Learn why Cisco is promoting the use of Remote Attestation interoperability by the Confidential Computing Consortium to reduce risk in layered software stacks.

June 1, 2020


Enterprise Network Availability: How to Calculate and Improve

11 min read

Key to supporting network availability is understanding the flexibility--or lack thereof—of the end-to-end network architecture. In this post, learn how to calculate and improve network stability.