Doron Chosnek

Consulting Systems Engineer

Data Center Solutions Architecture Team

Doron Chosnek is a part of the Data Center Solutions Architecture team focusing on virtualization. In his career, Doron has worked on embedded system design (circuit board design and layout as well as FPGA and microcontroller code development) and server blade system architecture. His current role at Cisco focuses on helping customers adopt Cisco UCS for their server virtualization and VDI environments.


March 13, 2013


VDI “The Missing Questions” #7: How memory bus speed affects scale

4 min read

This was the test I most eagerly anticipated because of the lack of information on the web regarding running a Xeon-based system at a reduced memory speed. Here I am at Cisco, the company that produces one of the only blades in the industry capable of supporting both the top bin E5-2690 processor and 24 […]

February 25, 2013


VDI “The Missing Questions” #4: How much SPECint is enough

In the first few posts in this series, we have hopefully shown that not all cores are created equal and that not all GHz are created equal. This generates challenges when comparing two CPUs within a processor family and even greater challenges when comparing CPUs from different processor families. If you read a blog or […]

January 31, 2013


VDI “The Missing Questions” #1: Core Count vs. Core Speed

4 min read

Choosing the right compute platform for your VDI environment requires both science and art. You have to balance CPU and memory characteristics against your expected workload profile and your desired density. At the end of the day, VDI has to meet some cost criteria in order to go from a fun science project to a […]