Don Hart

Senior Director, Digital Partner and Commerce

Digital Experience

As Cisco’s Senior Director, Digital Partner & Commerce, Don Hart focuses on enhancing the relationship between our partners and our customers digitally. Today, his primary aim is to scale and simplify the partner experience with Cisco while also enabling partners to digitally engage more effectively with their customers. Don and his team have centered their attention on better understanding partner pain points and are actively working to enable Cisco to address partner needs more effectively. Don lives in Santa Cruz, California. He’s a father of two, plaid enthusiast, mountain biker, motocross racer, enjoys gaming, and loves exploring the world.


October 25, 2022


6 Endurance Sports Lessons That Up My Business Game

3 min read

Years of endurance sports competition have left me with many scars and broken bones. They’ve also illuminated valuable lessons about the rewards of preparation and hard work. Here are six business takeaways I’ve learned that can have a positive impact on your career, even if you’re not an endurance athlete.