Debbie McClure

Senior Director, Mid Market

Americas Service Provider

A career sales professional with more than 25 years in the technology sector with experience in all aspects of the selling world, Debbie has been involved in selling across multiple verticals and technologies from the Fortune 10 to the Small Business entities. She is an accomplished sales leader who began her career as an individual contributor and worked her way through multiple sales leadership positions. Debbie had led teams in multiple facets of sales including outside and inside sales teams, service sales and sales operations. A 20-year Cisco veteran, Debbie currently leads the sales and engineering teams responsible for serving the mid-market customers in Cisco’s Service Provider segment in the Americas Sales Organization. Debbie holds a B.A. from UC Santa Barbara in liberal arts, with a concentration in business economics.


October 14, 2020


Midco Blazes the Trail Towards Faster Broadband Speeds with Software-Based Network Agreement Delivered by Cisco

2 min read

One actionable way we, as industry leaders, can attain equitable opportunity for all, is through our efforts to make access to high-speed internet available to everyone. Midco, is acting now, using technology and business model innovation to make sure their customers can benefit from access to high speed data - regardless of where they're located.