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David Goddard

Vice President
Energy & Asset Management

Dave Goddard leads the global Smart Grid Solutions Enablement team within Cisco Services. He is responsible for all Service aspects from Cisco’s Smart Grid strategy and solution creation to delivery and support. He leads a diverse team of business, technical and domain experts. Dave works closely with the broader Cisco community to create a single integrated Smart Grid program.

Dave has been involved with Cisco’s Smart Grid strategy from its infancy. In his prior role, he was responsible for Technical Service’s Security Research and Operations team and lead a team that was instrumental in designing and establishing the viability of key components of Cisco’s Smart Grid architecture and security.

Dave has been with Cisco for over 16 years. He has held various roles in the European and US theaters. After establishing the Critical Accounts Program (CAP) in Europe he progressed through various management roles to Director of the Service Provider Advanced Services organization for the Americas. In 2002, Dave returned to the Technical Services team to run the global CAP program and charter Cisco’s Customer Assurance Security Programs. Under his leadership, Cisco’s Product Security Incident Response (PSIRT) team, the global function responsible for the management and public release of all Cisco security vulnerabilities, grew to be recognized as one of the most effective and influential security teams in this industry.

He was a founding board member of the Industry Consortium for the Advancement of Security on the Internet (ICASI). Dave also has extensive experience in crisis management, including leading Operations for Cisco’s Corporate Crisis Management Team, which leads the response effort to significant global events.

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