Danuta Waloch

EMEAR Security Delivery Lead, CX

Customer Experience, TAC

I lead EMEAR based Security Team delivering Services and Support to Cisco customers. The team of 100+ Technical Consulting Engineers I have a pleasure to work with blend their passion for technology with technical expertise to support customers in achieving their business objectives. I love working in a dynamic and fast paced environment and I am also passionate about building high performing teams where we focus on each other’s strengths and by complementing each other we excel in accomplishing our team goals. Challenges and solving problems is what keeps me going and achieving my goals is what makes me proud. In 1999 I came back from my lovely gap year in US and moved to Krakow with my husband. Here is where my professional career started and I became a mother of a wonderful son - now a teenager. I love traveling, cooking and gardening.


September 23, 2020


What’s in a Company’s Culture? 

3 min read

Danuta shares why Cisco's culture is so important and why this should be at the top of candidate's list as they look for opportunities.