Chris Rodriguez

Regional Sales Director


Over my 20 year career in technology, I've gone from troubleshooting Y2K mainframe code in the late 90s to leading the enterprise sales team for Meraki in the west. In between, I've served as a lead engineering building international telephone networks, large Wide Area Networks using Frame-Relay, GRE/IPSEC and MPLS, and as an executive leader responsible for all aspects of network (Security, Voice, Video, Architecture, Engineering and Operations). As a salesman with hands-on engineering experience, direct operational and financial responsibilities I'm very interested in helping our clients solve the same business problem I've faced over the last 20 years...How to continue to do more with less.


January 26, 2021


Cloud-based Solutions can Empower Financial Services Companies to Adapt While Cutting Costs

3 min read

Cisco Meraki offers solutions to address the challenges that have come from this past year's abrupt changes including facilitating the campus and client network, creating operational efficiencies, and reducing downtime and loss of revenue.