Catherine Mazur

Project Manager for Employee Events

Employee Communications

Catherine joined Cisco Systems in February 2005 in the San Jose, Corporate Office. Coming to Cisco was a big decision as Catherine had been working in the start-up world prior and what she loved about that was having the ability to create new things. She was worried that if she came to a large, established company, those opportunities would no longer exist. She quickly found that there was an abundance of opportunity everywhere. Starting in Manufacturing (which was an area she had no experience in - but grateful for the learning opportunity), she quickly found herself back in an Human Resources role where she created a College/Intern Program within Manufacturing. After having her first baby, she decided to reinvent herself and went into Communications. Over the past six years, Catherine has had the dream job of being part of creating an employee experience for global employee events. Four years ago, she and her family relocated to the RTP campus.

Outside of her dream job, Catherine enjoys time with her super supportive husband and two amazing boys (four years old and 10 years old). Giving back is a big part of her life, she sits on a Board of Directors for Western Wake Crisis Ministry (a local food panty) and goes on a mission to Haiti yearly (this year she’s bringing her 10 year old son). She’s an avid boxer (training for her first fight) and CrossFiter.


August 22, 2018


At Cisco, Opportunities are Everywhere!

2 min read

Why was Catherine afraid to come to Cisco, and how did stretch assignments help her to grow? She shares her experience with the #LoveWhereYouWork Core Team here!