Brett Lovins

Business Operations Manager, Team & Culture Nerd

CX Engineering & Product Incubation

Bio? Well... I guess it continues to be a series of accidents that have led me to where ever I end up... here and now as I write this. Lots of hard work and luck and curiosity seem to be my fuel. Also, like many, my life has chapters. Out of college, I spent 10 years as a touring, recording songwriter and musician. Which means I also mowed a lot of lawns. Amazing chapter, a great way to spend my 20s and early 30s. This overlapped with an interest in this new thing that was coming along called "the Internet." Another chapter had me building websites. And another teaching hundreds of hours of classroom and in-home/office computer classes. Then my wife rekindled a childhood interest in horses, we closed down our quiet little life and chased her dreams of becoming an accredited horse trainer. The company/program she was studying with (Parelli) hired me to... wait for it... lead social media marketing for their company. I had spent years saying "I'll never have a Facebook account or a cell phone." And here I was, growing online community in all the major platforms of the time. My mentor there was a guy who was involved with early Mozilla stuff so I learned quickly the value of being real and authentic. He turned me onto GaryV and Simon Sinek which further bolstered my belief in just being myself and caring. I left that job after a few years and a horse training customer that works for Cisco swooped me up. I worked for 8 years as a Community Manager in Learning@Cisco as part of Cisco's certification business. Once again building community and caring. Then popped over to where I am now a few months ago to be a part of CX Engineering & Product Incubation, working on the Chief of Staff team. My focus is trying to understand and improve our (already awesome) culture. That's it. A weird path and an odd collection of skills. My dad is a retired high school art teacher, my mom a retired public school nurse and my grandpa was a locomotive engineer, shoveling coal into steam engines when he was a younger man. I'm always trying to do what Grandpa Carl asked me 10,000 times: "You gonna do your best?" Although not a big reader, a few books that have rocked me include: Delivering Happiness, The Lean Startup, The Thank You Economy and Tribal Leadership.


June 16, 2020


Cisco Customer Experience Surprises Virtual New-Hires

Brett shares how his team in Customer Experience created a welcome box for new-hires to welcome them to the team and to Cisco.