Benjamin Davis

Cybersecurity Sales Specialist

Security Business Group

Growing up in Virginia, Ben developed a passion for whitewater and climbing early in life. After attending college at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Ben enlisted in the Navy serving in the SEAL teams. During his service he completed 3 deployments and an MBA from William and Mary. After a short time in finance, Ben felt a calling to resume service to the public sector and ultimately joined Cisco as a SLED Cybersecurity Specialist. Now married with two daughters, Ben resides in Denver Colorado where he enjoys spending time in the mountains as well as volunteering for the Veteran's Outdoor Advocacy Group.


August 23, 2022


Learning How to Learn: From Special Operations to Cisconian

3 min read

Cybersecurity Sales Specialist Ben shares his journey from the military to Cisco and how learning how to learn was the most valuable lesson.