Austin Hyland


I'm a technology obsessed Developer Evangelist for Cisco DevNet! My background is in Computer Networking, Security and Software development. I love helping people create and develop clever solutions to difficult problems, especially ones that lead to increased communication and productivity! You can typically find me at a meet-up in San Francisco or mentoring hackathon's all over the world! I love meeting people, traveling and taking pictures! If you see me, come say Hi!


August 1, 2017


VivaTech Hackathon Explores Cisco CMX and Spark

3 min read

Using CMX (Connected Mobile Experience) to track devices We had an amazing hackathon at VivaTech in Paris France last month. 10 person teams were assembled with the purpose of using Cisco Technologies to improve the conference experience! Cisco mentors and staff were on site and provided access to multiple technologies for the hackers to use. […]