Arnis Slempers

Technical Solutions Architect

Americas Service Provider Sales

Arnis is a senior mobile core & cloud technologist in Cisco's Americas Service Provider organization. Focusing on cellular/wireless core and access networks, he has spent 20+ years in various technical roles including sales, marketing and product management, spanning all 5G's of 3GPP mobile network technologies, such as CDMA, UMTS, IMS, SP-WiFI and 5G. Arnis joined Cisco in 2009 as the cellular transition to 4G began, as a Technical Solutions Architect, working with Service Providers in Canada and across the Americas on deployment and evolution of Cisco's mobile core products. He has a passion for automation, particularly applying orchestration technologies to virtualized mobile core in VM and Kubernetes/cloud-native environments.


Perspectives on the Future of Service Provider Networking: 5G and the future of enterprise wireless networks

5 min read

Many enterprises are embarking on an Industry 4.0 journey, and evaluating the possibility of using 5G to achieve their goals. But so far cellular networks have predominantly been operated by communication service providers (CSPs). So how can 5G be introduced into an enterprise setting with minimal risk and disruption to existing business processes?