Ali Samioglu

Leader , Systems Engineering


I am Leader of Systems Engineers and manage strategic stakeholder relations with Sales Executives Strategy & Planning. I’ve been working at Cisco over 13 years in multiple roles including post-sales and pre-sales organizations. In my current role, I share best practises between all of the SE's and identify skills gaps and business challenges that were unique to the region. I’ve been continous mentor for new and more experienced team members. My professional passion is pulling apart complex problems and figuring out what's actually working by setting execution plans. Lead numerous rewarded regional transformational deals. I’ve been leading the Eagle Eye project from the incubation to final product - which is new product development for our Cisco Portfolio; Ultra Wide Band (UWB) module development for IW6300/Cisco C9100 Indoor Access Points. Outside of work I like discovering new places, fishing and sport activities.


December 8, 2021


Cisco and Wipelot – First UWB-Based Location System with App Hosting!

2 min read

Cisco and Wipelot’s new real-time location system (RTLS), powered by Cisco Application Hosting and Eagle Eye, is an enterprise wireless IoT solution that tracks of inventory and equipment in your warehouse or manufacturing floor using Ultra Wide-Band (UWB), without the need for an additional IoT overlay network.