Nitesh Aggerwal

Principal CSM

Duo Security

Nitesh Aggerwal (He/Him) is a Principal Customer Success Manager for Duo Security. In his current role, he is responsible for driving the success of Cisco’s adoption of Duo's technology and services. He advocates for new Duo capabilities based on Cisco's feedback, infrastructure, and security best practices. Throughout his 20-year career at Cisco, Nitesh has demonstrated a breadth of expertise, including but not limited to delivery services, operations management of complex programs, and impactful business development deliverables. His greatest strength is his unwavering commitment to teamwork, inclusion, and his persuasive advocacy for what he and the organization believes to be the right thing to do. When he is not at Cisco, Nitesh indulges in his passion for exercise, gardening, and building Legos. To recharge, he spends time with his wife and two daughters.


December 5, 2023


Why We’re a Cisco Family Through and Through

3 min read

Principal Customer Success Manager Nitesh has thrived so much through Cisco's benefits and career opportunities that his wife joined the company. Now, his daughters want to be Cisconians, too!