Providing customers with the observability platform they need to deliver unmatched and secure digital experiences aligned to business strategy and results. 

Organizations have a pressing need for tools that can capture all the relevant telemetry data and enable the sharing of intelligence and insights across multiple IT teams. A 2023 whitepaper by IDC revealed that 56.5% organizations surveyed have more than 11 observability tools in use, with 10% using between 41 and 100 tools.

This makes it extremely difficult to realize the promised value of observability as siloed tools struggle to correlate telemetry data within a workable timeframe. Worse, the tools themselves reinforce siloed behavior, and teams react defensively as they struggle to make sense of the data they have, to determine whether a problem lies in their area of responsibility.

It’s an unwieldy situation in which the potential benefits of observability remain tantalizingly out of reach, while the end-user experience worsens. As the pressure mounts on those same teams to deliver flawless, secure, reliable, and compliant digital experiences, mean time to resolution (MTTR) remains lengthy and total cost of ownership (TCO) comes under increasing scrutiny.

This is not sustainable. Organizations will continue to struggle to consistently deliver the digital experiences their users demand, fend off threats, and scale their efforts while using siloed observability tools.

Against this backdrop, Cisco Observability Platform allows data to be ingested once and applied to multiple use cases.

Cisco Observability Platform is an open, extensible, API-driven platform that brings together a scalable, single source of insight across the technology stack and business. It draws on data and capabilities from across Cisco’s vast monitoring and security portfolios to equip IT practitioners and executives alike with contextual understanding they can use to make better decisions. It scales seamlessly with business growth and expanded use cases, spanning entire infrastructures and application lifecycles.

Telemetry holds the key

Cisco can access and unify data across any domain, including networking, security, applications, end user computing, cloud services, and multicloud environments, enriching insights with business context.
The platform has been built to leverage OpenTelemetry, which makes it easy for developers to instrument all applications and systems that generate metrics, events, logs, and traces (MELT). This makes the platform future-proof, and vendor-agnostic — the only such observability platform currently in the market — so organizations can track what matters to them, including understanding relationships and dependencies for mission-critical applications such as SAP, by using tenant-based MELT and workflows.

Telemetry data lies at the heart of effective observability so organizations deploying Cisco Observability Platform have the key to identifying performance and security-impacting issues affecting their applications. And, they have critical intelligence that allows them to interpret that data to accurately pinpoint root causes, along with clear understanding of what to prioritize based on impact to the business.

Cisco Observability Platform allows infrastructure and operations teams to understand risks and dependencies across environments, strengthen security measures, and optimize resources across the full technology stack before any issues can impact the business. Moreover, it provides executives and line-of-business leaders with contextual knowledge of how application performance and security impacts upon the business.

Observe, secure, optimize and extend

Now, IT practitioners such as IT Ops, InfraOps, SRE, DevOps, Network/NetOps, Cloud/CloudOps, and Security and SecOps can observe, secure and optimize the full stack – from code to cloud.

Cisco Observability platform helps organizations to:

  • Monitor cloud native applications with business context, to ensure performance
  • Empower IT organizations with a holistic view of user experiences and deep visibility into user behavior for browser and mobile applications
  • Locate, prioritize, and accelerate response to security issues based on business impact
  • Enable real-time and automated data discovery, classification, policy definition, and compliance visibility for sensitive data
  • Manage costs and optimize resources
  • Unify data across monitoring and service management tools to automate IT processes and keep operations team productive and responsive
  • Build custom solutions for unique observability needs

The breadth and depth of Cisco Observability Platform innovations provide cross-domain visibility, insights, and recommended actions tied to business context. The result is radical alignment of the IT landscape with overall company performance goals, and boardroom recognition that an organization’s technology architecture is its business architecture.

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Aditya Mohta

Sr. Manager, Solutions Marketing - Full-Stack Observability

Strategy, Incubation and Applications Group