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Security Implications of Cheaper Storage

An advert from Byte magazine dating from July 1980 proudly offers a 10MB hard disk drive for only US$3495. Accounting for the effects of inflation, that equates to approximately US$10,000 in today’s prices. If data storage prices had remained constant, this would mean that the 1GB flash drive in my pocket would cost in excess of US$1,000,000, with possibly a price premium for small size and portability. In fact, it cost me about US$10, evidence of the continuing drop in the price of electronic storage media in terms of price by stored byte. The amount of storage that can be acquired for a given cost has roughly doubled every 14 months since 1980 [1]. There is nothing to suggest that this trend won’t continue for the foreseeable future. We can look forward to larger and larger data storage devices at cheaper cost. But what are the implications of this trend for security professionals? Read More »

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5 Tips for Safeguarding Customer Data

Follow these steps to ensure safe data practices and to foster customer trust

Most small businesses, even those without an e-commerce website, collect some form of personal data from customers over the Internet. Small banks, individual insurance agencies, non-profit organizations, doctors’ offices, and even elementary schools provide forms for people to submit online—including addresses, Social Security numbers, credit card data, phone numbers, and the names of family members. We all trust that these organizations will prevent our sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. In fact, if your small business accepts customer data over the Internet, you’re responsible for protecting it from the moment a customer hits ”send,” while it’s archived on your network, and until you delete it.

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