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AGCO Reaps Rewards with Cisco Infrastructure


AGCO is a company that’s made its name by providing high-tech solutions to farmers around the world. After years of acquisitions and growth, the company needed to update its IT infrastructure. AGCO looked to Cisco to facilitate this communication simplification by making sure that its workers were all on the same page.

Cisco deployed a suite of business communication software to ensure that AGCO’s frontend portals were consistent through out the company. But the real changes occurred in the backend infrastructure. AGCO realized that it wouldn’t do much good to have cutting-edge communication software without having cutting-edge hardware for it to run on.

Therefore, the company began consolidating data centers and standardizing on Cisco networking and communication infrastructure. Products that were included on this complete overhaul included: Read More »

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Cisco ASR 1000 celebrates 2nd anniversary, wins Best of Test Award for 2010

A few weeks ago, while we were busy preparing for our Borderless Networks announcement on March 17th, we got some pleasant news from our marcom team. The Cisco ASR 1000 series won the Network World Testers’ and Bloggers Best of Tests award. The fact that the product won the award was itself not a surprise for us. But the timing of it was certainly unexpected.

Network World began their review with the statement – “With Enterprises looking to consolidate data centers and devices, Cisco’s ASR 1000 series routers offered a compelling message: Do more with less”. They accompanied this with a write-up called “Cisco’s ASR 1000 router built for 10-year tenure”

Network world couldn’t have gotten it more right. The ASR 1000 celebrates its second year anniversary this month, but has already gained considerable traction among our Enterprise and Service Provider customers gradually becoming the workhorse in a variety of deployment scenarios.

The portfolio also has continued to grow with new routers being added to the mix, addressing a broad spectrum of price and performance needs. It is also a key component of Cisco’s Borderless Networks thrust, and has broken ground on a number of new innovations, while continuing to beat the price/performance curve among products in its class. It is ideally suited for video delivery, has instant-on service delivery, carrier-class availability and a smaller carbon footprint. Innovations like the Webex node on the ASR 1000 are unique to the industry complement cloud computing solutions with a mixture of on-demand and on-premise offering.  

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