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Unintentional Insider Attacks

In this week’s Cyber Risk Report, we noted a recent article on CSO Online that mentions a rise in internal security incidents that are caused unintentionally or non-maliciously by employees. Employees, especially younger ones that have a lifelong connection to computers and the Internet, are becoming more involved with technologies and Internet resources in the workplace. As a result, companies are finding that their security policies, and in some cases their perimeters, are being breached by workers who are determined to access files, media, websites, or communities that are considered off-limits. Organizations and their security teams are challenged by the rise in disobedience and disdain for established policy. How can they be stopped?

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Cyber Security, or What You Will

One of the recurring themes of 2009 for information security professionals has been the term “cyber”—whether used in the context of cyber security, cyberspace, cyber threats, cyber command, or even cyber war. Cyber traces its roots back to the Greek word kybernetes, meaning “governor,” and was picked up in 1948 by writer Norbert Wiener for his book on control sciences and electronic communications, and further extrapolated in 1984 by novelist William Gibson in his book Neuromancer. The term causes no small amount of consternation among industry purists who find the word imprecise and vague. Cyber security, after all, is little more than a shiny new name for what has long been known as information assurance, information security, or critical infrastructure assurance. If there is a reason for the term sticking in the current vernacular, and for simultaneously driving people crazy, it may be attributable to its sci-fi derivation, which evokes nefarious government “Big Brother” images.

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The Impact of E-Surveillance on Information Security in India

The unabated proliferation of Information Technology has had significant impact on the manner in which organizations conduct their business, effectively rendering geographical boundaries redundant. This impact has been particularly notable in developing countries such as India, which has witnessed a meteoric rise in the use of Information Technology and Information Technology services over the past few years. While immensely contributing to the nation’s economy, this growth has unfortunately also served as an invaluable tool for terrorism and other anti-national activities. Consequently, citing the best interests of the security and safety of its citizens, the government of India has amended its Information Technology Act (2000), which has recently passed into law.

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Cisco SIO Delivering Training at Black Hat DC 2010 – Round 2

A few months back at Black Hat USA 2009 a few members of Cisco Security Intelligence Operations (SIO) delivered our first, of what is expected to be many, training sessions to conference attendees. Well, here we are three months later with Black Hat DC 2010 just around the corner and we (Cisco SIO) are back on the agenda again to deliver our hands-on Detecting & Mitigating Attacks Using Your Network Infrastructure training session. One small change for round 2 though, John Stuppi will be joining us as an instructor for our training session in Arlington, VA. Welcome aboard John -- oh if he only knew what he was getting himself into. ☺

As described in a previous blog post by one of my fellow instructors and esteemed Cisco Security blogger, Tim Sammut, we will be informing and teaching attendees about the built-in features, solutions, and capabilities that exist in devices within your network infrastructure and how to make practical and effective use of the devices to monitor, detect, prevent, and trigger responses to attacks and threats.

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Internet Safety for Kids and Parents

Cisco is committed to working with the public sector, partners, and customers to ensure cyber security from the workplace to the home. The month of October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and as it comes to an end we thought we’d share a short video from Cisco CSO John N. Stewart where he provides tips on Internet safety for kids and parents to protect themselves online.

When it comes to 21st century education, parents and kids have an important role. Recently, Cisco took that message to Piedmont Middle School in San Jose, CA, with the help of the characters from The Realm.

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