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The Big Picture of Big Data”>Cisco

…els and causing market shifts. One of the most powerful IoE-driven opportunities will be the value created from big data and analytics. As IoE gains momentum and creates billions of new connections, each of those connections will be capable of producing data. The enterprises that can unlock the intelligence within that data — quickly and effectively — will hold the key to a powerful and sustainable competitive edge. It has become the daily norm t…


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Keeping Up With Demand for Big Data Analytics

In my recent blogs about building the right data strategy and analytics solutions, I discussed how Cisco is helping our customers to meet one of the toughest challenges brought on by the Internet of Everything (IoE) – cost-effectively managing massive amounts of distributed data. With solutions such as Cisco Data Virtualization and Cisco Big Data Warehouse Expansion (BDWE), our customers can bring all of this data together in ways that are meani…


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Can the Elephant Dance to a Security Tune?

…” about security and reliably spot threats that no other approach can find? Gartner calls this phenomenon Big Data Security Analytics, and they make a strong point to define BDSA solutions as a three-layer pyramid. At the bottom is the “data lake,” which is what most people equate with Hadoop. The next layer is context—the addition of relevant business, location, and other non-traditional security information to increase the pre…


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IEEE International Conference on Big Data 2014

Big Data is one of the most talked about topics of today across industry, government and research. It has become the center of 3I’s (Investments, Innovations and Improvization‎s), and is expected to power the Next Industrial Revolution. Considering its tremendous potential the IEEE Computer Society is conducting the second IEEE International Conference on Big Data 2014, a forum to disseminate and exchange the latest and greatest in research, de…


Don’t Just Survive, Use IoE To Thrive from the Data Avalanche

…or every man, woman, and child according to EMC). And while natural avalanches end quickly, it’s clear that the data avalanche is gaining momentum. This data deluge has significant ramifications for companies and public sector organizations that are seeking answers to questions such as: How do you create insightful information from immense amounts of data? How much of your limited IT budget should you spend on Big Data solutions to protect your c…


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