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Mythbusters: All Data Encryption is the Same, Right?

…ireless networking devices; however, it is considered a weaker encryption protocol and is easily compromised by cyber attackers. Therefore, you shouldn’t rely on it for securing your small business LAN. Instead, opt for one of the stronger security protocols—WPA or WPA2, which are supported by most wireless networking gear. Both WPA and WPA2 use the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which is intended to provide greater encryption. One thing to…


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Cisco Live UK 2012 Industrial Sector: Get a head start solving business needs at the Industrial Solutions Booth

…duction Environment In summary, we will be showcasing Cisco’s industrial capabilities and showing the wireless, security, and network convergence we are bringing to the production environment.  For companies who deal with industrial networking issues or are curious on how the latest technology can provide operational network benefits, the Industrial Solutions booth in the World of Solutions Showcase provides the perfect opportunity to discuss the…


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Online Shopping: A Classic Case of Convenience vs Security

…king, and the ongoing phenomena that continue to evolve. So what does this mean? What does this have to do with security? Quite simply, all of this equates to more TIME on the Internet. Furthermore, the continued rise in scam and theft activities during the holidays is an additional means for concern. As mentioned in a recent Cyber Risk Report Law enforcement and government agencies continue to search and seize counterfeit and fraudulent websites…



2011 – A Very Good Year for Government Product Certifications at Cisco

…unique product certification requirements. Not only does this impact the ability of vendors to improve product security but it reduces the portfolio of products customers have to choose from, thereby potentially reducing the security of their networks against emerging cyber security threats. 2012 will be an exciting year at Cisco for government product certifications. We will continue to look for ways to scale, both internally and externally, t…


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Cisco Releases the 2011 Annual Security Report

…about remote access, “Bring Your Own Device,” social media, and IT policies that can either undermine workplace security or create a highly efficient, productive, and secure environment. That’s what’s happening in your workplace, but what about the bad guys? They’ve been keeping up too—moving from mass spam campaigns to highly targeted phishing attacks and the more lucrative (according to the Cisco Cybercrime Return on Investment Matrix) cl…


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