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Open Standards, Open Source, Open Loop

…8220;rough consensus” shouldn’t take two or more years – that sounds more like the timeframe for “parliamentary procedure”). Emphasize software development more in the IETF structure.  Encourage interoperability and function demonstrations all the time.  “Running code” used to be part of the IETF mantra, but “running code LATER” is not “agile”.  We seem to be suffering from…


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Another Milestone: Gartner Names Cisco a Leader in Telephony

…ony while maintaining their legacy (TDM) PBXs until they were ready to replace them. Meanwhile, users could access services such as caller ID and message-waiting indicator even when calling between systems.  Where We Are Now Interoperability: New capabilities include H.264 SVC support, and RDP interoperability with Microsoft is coming next year. Analog Solutions: Our portfolio includes a whole suite of analog gateways, called Cisco VG Series…


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Cisco Continues Thought Leadership With Products for Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint Release 2

…Passpoint, this is the certification name for Wi-Fi products that are built to the Hotspot 2.0 specification and are subsequently proven to pass a series of tests that verify the products meet the criteria established in the interoperability test plan (which is derived directly from the specification). In addition to being in the test bed, Cisco is also in the first wave of products to achieve certification before public program launch with the…


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Cisco Compatible Solutions Carry Clout

…rify the interoperability of the partner’s products and solutions as Cisco compatible.  Compatibility with Cisco products can be achieved in two ways: either being included in a Cisco Validated Design (CVD), or by completing Interoperability Verification Testing (IVT). Cisco Compatible designates Cisco’s most rigorous level of interoperability validation for products and solutions created by our industry leading partners. Solution Partner…


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Cisco Meraki, Now with ISE!

…oo many segregated policy management systems. Good news: Interoperability between Cisco Meraki and ISE is here. Administrators can now define a single user access policy across on-premise and cloud-managed networks.With this interoperability, Cisco infrastructure customers can now deploy Cisco Meraki in their branches in the same network as other Cisco equipment, with all devices across the network managed under ISE for unified access policy…


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