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Big, Bigger, And Then Texas Stadium

…t I’d have to say that for me, the meeting of the week award goes to a wireless deployment site visit at Cowboy Stadium with an all access pass. The scale and scope of that building is beyond hyperbole. There simply is no single word to describe the Cowboy Stadium. It turns out that $1.3 billion buys an awful lot of steel, glass, concrete, and electrical infrastructure. For the Super Bowl there next week, you’ll be spending approx $23K per seat n…


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When that Video Absolutely, Positively Has to Get Through”

…y. Ultimately our goal is to help broadcasters and service providers build next-generation contribution (e.g., stadium to studio), primary distribution (e.g., studio to service provider) and secondary distribution (e.g., service provider to customer) networks that deliver high-quality video on a converged architecture. One network operator that has already implemented the Cisco IP NGN Video Optimized Transport solution is Mahanagar Telephone Nig…


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The Broadband Consumer Dilemma”

…here are a lot of people like me.  Our level of expectation is pretty outrageous and only getting higher.  In a stadium with 100,000 other smartphone carrying people, the air is filled with complaints about mobile connectivity, with the complainers not giving thought to the fact that they are in the midst of effectively 1/7th the population of my city packed into a single square block and seemingly all of them are tweeting, foursquaring, or faceb…


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Cisco asks, “Are You Ready for Some Football?”

Today, in East Rutherford, NJ, USA, the New Meadowlands Stadium showcased innovative new stadium technologies designed to seamlessly transform the look and feel of the venue to host both New York Football Giants and New York Jets games, as well as other sporting and entertainment events.  The New Meadowlands is implementing technologies from Cisco and Verizon to offer stadium sports fans and entertainment followers leading-edge cus…


Reaching Beyond Stadiums and Arenas to Engage Sports Fans

…celebrate with other fans, and share their own content as they experience the Games whether it’s in the stadium or in their home.  LOCOG has already launched two sites on Eos: the London 2012 Mascots Site and the London 2012 Inspire Programme Site. Cisco and LOCOG are not the only ones shaking things up in the sports world. Recently we discussed the partnership between Warner Music Group and MTV Networks bringing together complement…