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Cisco ACI’s Multi-Hypervisor + BareMetal Interop with VLAN and VXLAN Routing and Bridging Demonstration

In November last year, I introduced via my blog, the powerful capabilities of the ACI Fabric and the unique hardware based VXLAN implementation in Cisco Nexus 9000 Series switching platform. In this blog, I am happy to present a powerful Video based demonstration of the ACI Fabric. The demo presents a single view of an entire spine-leaf fabric based deployment, and how the fabric allows full integration and full normalization of any encapsulatio…


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Improve Cloud Traffic Visibility with the New Cisco Prime Virtual NAM

Earlier this year Cisco announced the Cisco Prime Virtual Network Analysis Module (vNAM), an integral component of the Cisco Cloud Network Services portfolio. While a virtual NAM has been available on the Nexus 1100 Cloud Services Platform (a UCS appliance for virtual services), it has not been available in a generic VM form factor, which now provides greater deployment flexibility for NAM customers, as they look to monitor application and netwo…


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ACI Design Principles: The role of SDN Overlays in Application Centric Deployments – Part 2

…use is generally not very important to the network administrator.  For those that care about the details, we use VxLAN.  We chose VxLAN because it is standards based, is widely supported in both custom and merchant silicon, works over any network that can transport IP packets, and supports both layer 2 and layer 3 semantics. An alternative choice would have been NvGRE that meets these same objectives.  However, NvGRE encapsulated traffic is not l…


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Cisco Champion Radio on ACI and Nexus 9000

How ACI lets you manage a network cohesively instead of box-by-box ? What a network looks like in ACI mode vs. stand-alone mode ? How ACI works with network protocols like spanning-tree and TRILL ? Upgrading the Nexus 9000 Series to ACI When does ACI make sense for your business ? For this new episode of the podcast with Cisco Champion, we are fortunate to have a great technical (and casual) dialog between two active members of the data center…


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ACI Design Principles: The role of SDN Overlays in Application Centric Deployments – Part 1

This is a two-part blog series developed in association with Tom Edsall, a Cisco Fellow and CTO of Insieme Networks, recently acquired by Cisco Systems. The intent is to elaborate on foundational design principles of Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), a transformational approach for next-generation and cloud deployments. While the vision of ACI is an expansive one, this blog series focuses on the role of SDN overlays, their deployment con…


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