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The complexity required for robustness, often goes against robustness

…r of network duct tape to add robustness, or worse, to try and fix shortcomings in applications. NAT, PBR, GRE, VXLAN, OTV, LISP, SDN… where does it end!? The greater the complexity of failover, the greater the risk of failure. We often forget the lessons of our mentors, but keeping the network as simple as possible has always been best practice. As Dijkstra said, “Simplicity is a great virtue but it requires hard work to achieve it and education…


What is Cisco’s SDN Strategy for the Data Center?”>provide

…o learn more about ACI, go here. Programmable Fabric This pillar is all about providing scale and simplicity to VXLAN Overlays. Beyond that, it provides a clear path forward for the overall Nexus portfolio to participate in and derive the benefits of SDN. VXLAN has gained huge momentum across the industry for a wide variety of reasons that, in many cases, involve improvements over traditional technologies such as VLANs and Spanning Tree. These in…


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Help Choose Speakers for the Tokyo OpenStack Summit

… Title: Introducing a VLAN- and VXLAN-free OpenStack Architecture Presenter(s): Sebastian Jeuk (Cisco), Gonzalo Salgueiro (Cisco) Title: Is Your Cloud Ready for Prime Time? Presenter(s): Sebastian Jeuk (Cisco), John Wei-I Wu (Cisco)…


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OSpod #33: Weston Jossey

…that you guys do. Niki Acosta: But you also self-admit that as an operations guy that anytime you hear the word VXLAN or whatever, your head explodes and you’ll change the subject? Weston Jossey: My eyes glaze over, I take a shot of tequila, because that’s the only way I can get through it. Niki Acosta: It sounds like what I’m gonna do after I get off of this podcast so I can do my expense reports. Weston Jossey: Oh. Yeah, hey,…


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How Cisco’s data center is built on openness

…Convergence. What else are we doing to drive openness in the data center? BGP-EVPN control plane to define how VxLAN tunnel endpoints map MAC addressed to IP addresses in a multi-vendor environment, Network Service Header NSH offering a method to identify network service path, OpFlex is an extensible policy protocol designed to exchange abstract policy between a network controller and a set of smart devices capable of rendering policy, open SDN…


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