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The results are in! OpenStack Summit Speaker Update

…and Puppet Matt Brown, Jim Kao, and David Xu (all Cisco) 6) Highly Available, Performant, VXLAN Service Node David Lapsley (presenter/Cisco), Chet Burgess (contributor/Cisco), and Kahou Lei (contributor/Cisco) 7) Learn You Some Ansible for Great Good! David Lapsley and Juergen Brendel (both Cisco) 8) 201 Walkthrough – Autoscaling OpenStack Natively with Heat, Ceilometer, and LBaaS Ja…


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A Summary of Cisco VXLAN Control Planes: Multicast, Unicast, MP-BGP EVPN

…mong network engineers. One of the Layer2 over Layer3 (or Layer2 over UDP) protocols adopted by the industry is VXLAN. Now, as with any other overlay network protocol, its scalability is tied into how well it can handle the Broadcast, Unknown unicast and Multicast (BUM). That is where the evolution of VXLAN control plane comes into play. The standard does not define a “standard” control plane for VXLAN. There are several drafts describing the use…


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OpenStack Summit Vancouver: Cast Your Votes Today!

…r tweet me @aliamagasu. Happy voting, and see you in Vancouver!   Networking Highly Available, Performant, VXLAN Service Node Scaling Neutron with ML2 Hierarchical Networks DON: Diagnosing OVS in Neutron Network Design Considerations for OpenStack Neutron Deployments A network solution for scalable, performant and highly available OpenStack clouds Neutron extension framework overview and use cases Addressing DHCP and DNS Scalability: A dnsma…


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MP-BGP eVPN control plane for VXLAN – SDN is growing up

…AN Emulation technologies. Cisco Systems introduction and support of Multi-Protocol BGP eVPN control plane for VXLAN is an indication that the SDN industry is growing up, leveraging standards-track protocols, and enabling SDN to scale and interact with others.  This is far more significant to the SDN industry than one can read in a single press release and we will expand on its relevance in th…


VXLAN/EVPN: Standards based Overlay with Control-Plane

Given the tremendous interest in VXLAN with MP-BGP based EVPN Control-Plane (short EVPN) at Cisco Live in Milan, I decided to write a “short” technology brief blog post on this topic. VXLAN (IETF RFC7348) has been designed to solve specific problems faced with Classical Ethernet for a few decades now. By introducing an abstraction through encapsulation, VXLAN has become the de-facto standard overlay of choice in the industry. Chief a…


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