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CMX Delivers Real World Impact for Retailers

February 5, 2016 - 4 Comments



Industry-focused tradeshows are great. There’s no better way to get a concentrated dose of the real challenges that customers face day after day.

Last week, Cisco participated in the National Retail Federation’s tradeshow in New York City. At our booth, we provided an in-store experience showing how Cisco technology can help optimize the experience for customers and retailers. As part of that experience, we presented presence and locations analytics. And after dozens of presentations to some of the largest retailers in the world, it’s clear that customers see CMX analytics as a key tool for making meaningful business decisions.

In presentation after presentation, it was clear that several real-world use cases from CMX customers really resonated with retailers. While there were several provided, two uses case in particular stood out.

A/B Testing: Even in today’s digital world, advertising campaigns are still critical to retail success. But what campaigns really work? With CMX Analytics, retailers can apply one advertising campaign to one set of stores and another advertising campaign to a second set of stores. CMX can track the numbers of visitors and dwell times in the store to determine which campaign delivers the better results.

High Traffic and Wholesale Negotiation: CMX analytics can graphically display the most highly trafficked areas of a store. Assume a grocery store has two entrances. The grocer can use this insight to negotiate better wholesale terms from a manufacturer for placing that product in the high traffic zones.

Both of these use cases are currently being employed by CMX customers. And, judging from the interest expressed by the retailers we spoke with at NRF, they won’t be the last.

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  1. Can you give a bit more technical detail on how CMX was deployed? For example, was CMX presence used? how many AP’s were participating providing the data? how many visitors were tracked?


    • Thanks Steve for your interest. In the examples above, presence was used for the A/B testing while location was used for the high traffic example. The number of APs is very much a function of the venue and each site has its own needs. Presence can be deployed with as few as one AP. However, location requires at least three APs. In general, we recommend one AP per 5000 sq ft for basic presence/location with an increase to one AP per 2500 sq feet for enhanced location accuracy. In general, the more access points, the higher the level of location accuracy.

  2. thanks Cisco for the tools and feedfack.

  3. Yes, I agree trade shows are a great way to interact with customers and get first hand feedback about products and services.