Calling all curious IT pros

Do you value staying informed about the latest trends in networking?  Curious what technologies are just over the horizon that might affect the ways you are managing your network or your customers’ networks?  Looking for a great opportunity to step outside your daily grind?

If that sounds like you, please join us for a brief webinar as part of our Cisco Insider Series for Networking.  On November 3rd at 10AM Pacific Time, our networking leaders will discuss some of the findings from our recent research on this year’s global networking trend in focus: Network as a Service (NaaS).

What you’ll learn

NaaS is an emerging networking model and is still being defined by the industry, analysts, partners, and customers alike.  Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a better understanding of some of the different nuances in the term and how NaaS as a powerful, flexible, operational model can address key use cases you face every day.

You’ll learn about the current networking challenges that 1,500+ other IT professionals across 13 countries are dealing with and why they are investigating NaaS as a potential solution.  You’ll also hear about the top capabilities and benefits they expect from NaaS, their top concerns, the important role that partners play in a NaaS model, and how some IT organizations are planning to bring NaaS into their network strategy.

Register today

Technologies are changing fast, and this will be time well spent to stay informed on this latest networking trend.  Please register for the event below and share the link with your team.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

Register for the webinar:

2022 Global Networking Trends Report: The Rise of NaaS

November 3rd | 10AM Pacific Time


Additonal resources

Network as a service: Checklist for IT and Business Leaders (PDF) 

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Arlan Arthaud

Product Marketing Manager

Cisco Networking