Since Equinix launched their Network Edge™ services in 2019, Cisco customers have leveraged our virtual routers and SD-WAN on Network Edge to extend their networks into cloud providers across Equinix Fabric™. I am excited to announce the next steps in our partnership with Equinix to enable customers to do more with Cisco SD-WAN and Equinix Fabric.

Equinix provides unique value by coupling their colocation platform with their interconnection services, along with other key services at the edge. Equinix Fabric connects customers to a rich ecosystem of clouds, SaaS platforms, network providers, and vertical ecosystems which are proven to help drive digital transformation.

Together we have validated the solution and published a joint white paper, that provides customers with the prescriptive steps required to deploy a global network across the Equinix Fabric. This enables customers to setup SD-WAN gateways on Equinix Network Edge and begin benefiting from the dynamic and flexible interconnection from Equinix Fabric coupled with the policy, control, and application optimization delivered by Cisco SD-WAN. Learn more about Equinix Network Edge and Equinix Fabric with Cisco SD-WAN.

Additionally, last year we introduced the Cisco SD-WAN Cloud Interconnect solution to automate the deployment of Cisco SD-WAN with software-defined interconnect providers. We are pleased to announce that we will be releasing Cisco SD-WAN Cloud Interconnect with Equinix later this year. This solution builds upon existing joint investment and co-innovation between Equinix and Cisco and will serve as the foundational platform going forward.

Customers can follow the simple and intuitive steps documented in the whitepaper, and later this year leverage automation which will be integrated into Cisco SD-WAN to meet two key use cases, site-to-cloud and site-to-site, on the Equinix Fabric.


Contact your Cisco or partner sales team to get going with Cisco SD-WAN today, and begin experiencing the power of Cisco and Equinix together!

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